This grabber arm uses glue on its wooden rivets to link the arm segments together.

Glue is a function added on DRAFT v1.1.0 which enables users to create mechanical linkages. Glue enables Disks to attach themselves to other objects indirectly while still allowing them to be attached to another object directly. Glue also "buries" itself inside other attached geometries and makes the object attached to it uncollideable with other objects, but not the terrain. As such, it's advisable to attach a small Object to the end of the object you're trying to glue.

The Laputan Blueprints file syntax allows any object to have Glue attributes by using the <glue> attribute inside objects, but Laputan Blueprints only accepts the usage of Glue on disks through the In-game blueprint editor. As such, file editing is necessary to achieve Glue attribute usage on other types of objects.