Laputan Blueprints
Developer(s) Yasuhiko TAKEYA
Designer(s) Yasuhiko TAKEYA
Genre(s) Simulation, Sandbox
Mode(s) Single-player
Platform(s) PC, OS X
Input methods Keyboard

Laputan Blueprints is an ongoing project by Yasuhiko Takeya, it's currently still in development, with new features being added on each update.

Key Points Edit

All the vehicles in RigidChips can be modified using either a text editor or a Graphical Editor. This means that if you can think of an idea, chances are it can be made in RigidChips. One of the other handy features of RigidChips is that additional functionality can be added with the Lua scripting language. This can add features such as radar, autopilot, auto tracking weapons and more.

LB Related SitesEdit

Currently there don't seem to be too many LB related sites. The English Speaking RigidChips community has a small subsection devoted to LB, but no other communities are known to exist. There is also a website where users can share LB models, the link is below.

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