Materials define an objects density, friction, bounciness, texture, aspect, and water buoyancy.

Metal A Edit

Density: 2.7 kg/dm³

Represents Aluminum in real life.

Metal B Edit

Density: 2.7 kg/dm³

Represents Iron in real life.

Metal C Edit

Density: 2.7 kg/dm³

Represents Copper in real life.

Metal D Edit

Density: 2.7 kg/dm³

Represents Gold in real life.

special properties: Highest specularity on the game

Metal E Edit

Density: 30 kg/dm³

Represents, according to the developer, "high density materials not existant on earth".

special properties : highest density material on the game

Wood A Edit

Density: 0.3 kg/dm³ special properties : lowest density material on the game

Wood B Edit

Density: 0.6 kg/dm³

Standard building material.

Wood C Edit

Density: 0.9 kg/dm³

Rubber A Edit

Density: 0.7 kg/dm³

Special properties:highest restitution coefficient(bounciness) on the game

Rubber B Edit

Density: 0.9 kg/dm³

Special properties:highest friction coefficient; lowest restitution and specularity(shininess) on the game

Plastic A Edit

Density: 1.0 kg/dm³

Plastic B Edit

Density: 1.1 kg/dm³

Special properties : only translucid material; lowest friction coefficient on the game

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